Dr Christian Baylis

Ph.D (Econometrics), Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Dr. Christian Baylis is the Founder and CIO at Fortlake, responsible for overseeing the investment process, team, and serving on the board. He has extensive experience in global fixed income and derivatives strategies, having worked at UBS Asset Management and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

At UBS, Christian managed over $8 billion AUM, was a member of the Global Multi Strategy Committee and was the Australian representative for the Global Dynamic Fund –UBS’ core unconstrained global fund.

As Head of Derivative Strategy and Credit Trading at UBS, he managed over $26 billion, overseeing sector strategy and the development of ESG frameworks. Christian earned a ‘Highly Recommended’ rating from Zenith (2017-2020) for the Short-Term Credit category while managing the UBS Cash-Plus Fund. Before UBS, he held positions at RBA and Standard and Poor’s.

Christian holds a PhD in Econometrics and received the Exceed First Class Honours award with a perfect GPA. He won the Australian Postgraduate Scholar Award at both UNSW and USYD and was a visiting scholar at Monash University in the Econometrics faculty. He was also a recipient of the Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship, focusing on inflation modelling, probability density functions, and option implied distributions.