Investors may use the following forms to instruct changes to their account(s) or open new ones. Written requests should be signed by an authorised signatory as nominated on the application form. You can complete these forms on your computer before printing them. Please see below for instructions on where to send your forms.


Apply online
Application form FRIF, FRHIF and FSOF
Application form FQCEF
Additional application form FRIF, FRHIF and FSOF
Additional application form FQCEF
Change of address and contact details form
Change of bank details form
Change of distribtution election form
Change of signatory form
Holdings switch form
Holdings transfer form
Wholesale investor certificate
Withdrawal form


Fortlake Quantum Credit-Equity Fund PDS
Fortlake Real Income Fund (Managed Fund) PDS
Fortlake Real-Higher Income Fund PDS
Fortlake Sigma Opportunities Fund IM
Fortlake Real Income Fund (Managed Fund) TMD
Fortlake Real-Higher Income Fund TMD

Sending Your Forms

When complete, please email them to [email protected] and post the original to:

Fortlake Asset Management
PO Box 3721
Rhodes NSW 2138